Monday, April 30, 2012

Pennsylvania Guardianship Practice Survey

This posting is primarily intended for Pennsylvania Lawyers who are involved in Guardianship work.

At this link you will find a Guardianship Law Practice Survey:   

This Guardianship Law Practice survey has been developed by the Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly (CARIE) as part of a larger study being funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging.  The purpose of the study is to collect important information about guardianship so as to improve guardianship practices and policies for the Commonwealth’s 60 and older population.  

A report of this study’s findings and recommendations will be published in summer of 2012.  The report will be considered as the Department of Aging sets its policy and legislative agendas in the years ahead. 

This Guardianship study includes:
·        A Guardianship Law Practice Survey (this link)
·        A Survey of Area Agency on Aging directors
·        Focus groups of Older Adult Protective Services Workers
·        Focus Groups of LTC Ombudsmen
·        Individual Key Informant  Interviews
·        National Best Practices research and
·        Courthouse case-file reviews.

There is little existing survey data about guardianship law practices, therefore your expertise and experience as an attorney practicing in the guardianship area are critical to enhancing our understanding of the guardianship process in PA.

This survey is to be completed by attorneys about their guardianship practice. It is to be completed based on your practice as it relates to the 60 and older population.  

survey consists of 46 questions.   If you prefer to print and complete a hard copy of the survey, you may download it by clicking here and may e-mail your completed survey to or fax your completed survey to 215.545.5372 (Attn: Guardianship Survey).  If you have any questions about the survey or the overall study, you can contact Alissa Halperin, Esq. at

This Survey DEADLINE is MAY 4, 2012.  CARIE and Pennsylvania Department of Aging thank you in advance for donating your time to our effort.

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