Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Now is a best time to plan your estate

People find lots of excuses to avoid getting a Will and other helpful estate planning documents. Some people worry that seeing a lawyer will be expensive; others think that their assets are not substantial enough to warrant the preparation of a will; and some of us just want to avoid the unpleasant thought of our deaths. 

It is our experience at Marshall, Parker & Associates that the estate planning process is a lot less painful than many folks have led themselves to believe. All of us like the ability to make choices and preparing your estate plan is exercising your right to choose!  The law gives you lots of options. Why waste them.

One of the cornerstones of estate planning is the Will, which is a blueprint of how you want your assets distributed and your family protected after you are gone. Your Will also allows you to select someone you trust (your Executor) to carry our your wishes.

Some important reasons to prepare or update your Will include:
  • You can make sure that the right people will get the right things at the right time.
  • You can decide who will be in charge of your estate.
  • You can choose a guardian of your choosing for minors.
  • You can create a trust to protect your loved ones.
  • You can minimize family issues and disagreements.
  • You can reduce taxes and estate administration expenses.
  • You can ensure that your plan is updated to take maximum advantage of current laws.
Pennsylvania residents can have an initial appointment with one of the estate planning lawyers at Marshall, Parker & Associates at no charge. So, worry about expense should be no reason to delay. And even if your estate is not large, that is actually all the more reason you need to protect it, both for you during your lifetime and for your loved ones after your death. That's what estate planning is all about.   

It is true that estate planning does require you to recognize that the world will continue even after you have departed it. But estate planning is nothing to fear. Appointments are often filled with laughter and relief. Clients frequently say things like "I feel so relieved to know that I have a plan in place, I shouldn't have waited so long!"

Don't procrastinate. Take advantage of a free initial appointment at Marshall, Parker & Associates to get your estate planning started.  Just call 1-800-401-4552.

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