Monday, January 19, 2015

A Best Law Firm

We recently received notice that our law firm, Marshall, Parker and Weber, has been named to the list of best elder law firms in Pennsylvania for 2015. The award is made by US News Best Lawyers®. We were also named to this list last year. [Here is a link to information on the selection method:].  

I was individually recognized as one of the best elder law attorneys in the Commonwealth for 2015.
There are many fine elder law attorneys in Pennsylvania. We understand that being named to the top tier of elder law firms (as one of only 8 law firms in the state) is not just an honor – it’s a responsibility.
It is special to me to have received these recognitions this year – 2015 – because this year will see the 35th anniversary of the founding of Marshall, Parker and Weber. Back in 1980 I had no idea what would grow from the seed I was planting. How remarkable it has been to watch it develop into one of the most respected elder law and estate planning law firms in Pennsylvania. It is reason to celebrate. 
2015 is also the year when I reach age 70. This means I have reached the government defined maximum “retirement age” and have to start drawing on my Social Security and retirement plan benefits. This makes this feel like a watershed year.
As an elder law attorney I’ve helped so many clients plan for aging. And now I have arrived at an age where my own retirement plan is set to begin. I’ve become my own client. 
So, this year is a time of some culmination and much reflection for me. I realize now how fortunate I’ve been in my life and I say a prayer of thanks every day. I’ve had a wonderful loving family, a good education, and decent health. And I was particularly fortunate to have found a career path in elder law that I have loved and which has brought satisfaction and meaning to my life.
The occasional peer recognition, like Best Law Firms, is a small (but appreciated) bonus. Especially this year. 
I hope you will help us celebrate our 35th anniversary.  
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