Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pennsylvania Aging Related Leaders Named

Governor–elect Tom Wolf has announced that he has chosen Teresa Osborne, who is the executive director of the Luzerne/Wyoming Counties Area Agency on Aging (AAA), to be secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. The Governor-elect also announced that he has chosen Ted Dallas, currently the secretary of the Maryland Department of Human Resources, to be his secretary of the Department of Human Services (formerly called the Department of Public Welfare).

Here is a link to the announcement of Ms. Osborne’s selection. And here is a link to the announcement regarding Mr. Dallas.

Teresa Osborne seems like an excellent choice to me. I’ve known her for years. She served as executive director of the Lackawanna County AAA before taking on the Luzerne County position. (My law firm has offices in both those counties). She is very knowledgeable, hard-working, smart, and an ardent advocate. Just what we need at the Department of Aging during challenging times.

The appointments are subject to approval by the Pennsylvania Senate.

Both of the Secretary-designates will need to work closely with the Legislature. Here is the current list of the 2015 chairs (Republican) and minority leaders (Democrat) of several legislative committees related to aging.

Senate Aging and Youth Committee:
Republican: Senator Michelle Brooks
Democrat: Senator Arthur Haywood
Committee Members listing: here

Senate Public Health and Welfare committee:
Republican: Senator Pat Vance
Democrat: Senator Shirley Kitchen
Committee Members listing: here

House Aging and Older Adult Services Committee:
Republican: Rep. Tim Hennessey, 26th Legislative District, Chester and Montgomery counties.
Democrat: Rep. Steve Samuelson, 135th Legislative District, Lehigh and Northampton counties.
Committee Members listing: here 

House Health Committee:
Republican: Rep. Matt Baker, 68th Legislative District, Bradford, Potter and Tioga counties.
Democrat: Rep. Florindo (Flo) Fabrizio, 2nd Legislative District, Erie County.
Committee Members listing: here 

Human Services Committee:
Republican: Rep. Gene DiGirolamo, 18th Legislative District, Bucks County.
Democrat: Rep. Angel Cruz, 180th Legislative District, Philadelphia County.
Committee Members listing: here

More information about the 2015-2016 PA General Assembly is available at:

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