Sunday, November 11, 2018

New Pennsylvania laws may impact older adults

The ending of the 2017-2018 Pennsylvania Legislative session has resulted in  the enactment of a flurry of new laws. Some may be of particular interest to seniors and their elder law attorneys. The new laws enacted in October include (click on the bill number to be taken to the underlying legislation):
HB 270        - Act 87 PACENET Income Limit Increase.
HB 1539 - Act 88 establishes temporary guardianship for kin caregivers such as grandparents.
HB 2133 - Act 89 Kinship Caregiver Navigator Program Act - establishes a kinship caregiver program in Pennsylvania to provide information about services and supports available to grandparents and other kin caring for children.
SB 180 - Act 90 Anatomical gifts. Updates Pennsylvania law on organ and tissue donation.
HB 1233 - Act 106 Mental Health Procedures Act – Revises standards for involuntary mental health commitment. Adds community-based outpatient health treatment as part of the involuntary treatment spectrum.
HB 1884 - Act 112 Patient Test Result Information Act provides for notification of patient test results to be sent directly to a patient or the patient's designee
HB 1885 - Act 113 Amends Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code to provide for increase in the amount of bond required by registers of wills.
HB 1886 - Act 114 Amends Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code to provide for court review of guardian reports.

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